Velkommen til Sonar Film

Sonar Film DAis a production-company established in 2005. Sonar Film’s owners (Britt Kramvig, Rakel Andersen (from 2010) and Ingeborg Solvang are trained and experienced filmmakers as well as researcher and hold PhD’s and masters within anthropology, transcultural- and visual cultural studies.  Kramvig are former senior lecturer at Visual and Cultural Studies; University of Tromsø and hold a 3 year position as Assoc. Prof. at the ISS University of Tromsø. Ingeborg Solvang holds her Master from the same program and Rachel Andersen Gomez holds a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Tv and Film from the University of Texas at Austin and has a background in photography and anthropology from Colombia College in Chicago. She has further studied at the Documentary Master program at La Universidad del Cine in Argentina. She is currently working as a freelance filmmaker in Tromsø, Norway as a cinematographer, editor and director of independent documentary films.

 The production company specializes in independent documentaries as well as research driven films within our different field of competence on indigenous and gender studies, tourism and cultural- and postcolonial studies. The team is well trained within project-management in the field of research and draw upon extended international networks. Our research experience and cultural competence draw from different contexts and continents as Sápmi, Norway, France, Bolivia, Argentina and Nicaragua. Our team speaks Norwegian, English, Spanish, and French.

Siste prosjekt

  • The firekeepers
    A journey in the “Yoikscape” Lawra Somby and Sara Marielle Gaup are two young Saami (Sapmi, Samiland) chanting “yoiks” who explore new forms between traditional and innovative way of singing. Yoiks are lyrical-musical forms which do not only describe creatures, things, people or experiences: in the Sami culture THEY also ARE these things. In this way, the power of singing yoiks is also the power of evocation and the power of communicating something hidden to a community listening for them. Yoiks were associated to shamanistic practices for many centuries, and were pursued by Church and missionaries as evil expressions of…
    Written on Thursday, 29 September 2011 07:17

Siste nytt

  • Utviklingsstøtte til prosjektet Liquid Borders – Liquid Love
    Sonar film har mottatt utviklingsstøtte til prosjektet Liquid Borders – Liquid Love. Filmen er en kreativ dokumentarisk road-movie som undersøker grenser og kjærlighetens vilkår i koleraens tid (for å låne et begrep av Allende). Vi kommer vi til å bevegelse oss i grenseområdenene mellom Norge, Finland og Russland. I tillegg til å vi ønsker å bevege oss refleksivt gjennom et tidspenn fra grensen mot russland falt.
    Written on Thursday, 08 September 2011 09:25