Thursday, 29 September 2011 07:34


Cujaju is a sami joik and Cajaju is an animated sami legend. The hunter Garral leaves his shelter to go hunting. Before leaving, in his goathi he take the rifle off his shoulder, fills the barrel with black powder and pushes a shiny lead bullet through the nozzle. The sea-woman Cassandra is leading her people through the waves in a rowing contest. They have taken the shape of the seal to keep hidden. Garral see the seal and puts the gun to his shoulder. "Cajaju - don´t row any closer" Cassandra shouts - but nobody listens...

This documentary (9 min) is directed by Rachel Andersen. It follows the implementation of joik in a Sami kinder garden. In order for the joik to survival for the future generation Ande Somby engage himself in setting up a program that follow the wheel of the year: teaching joik to the children to give them the comfort for this to be part of the everyday. The film is made in order to inspire other kinder garden to make programs where Sami knowledge-traditions are used.

Cujaju creening:

The international indigenous festival Riddu Riððu in Sapmi Norway (july 2011.)
Nordkapp international film festival (sept. 2010)
Tromsø Internationale filmfestival competition program (jan. 2011)
Skábmagovat – The indigenous peoples´ film festival Finnland (jan. 2011)